leaf-peeping season

It’s leaf-peeping season; that’s why you came here, the pull-out just after the “Overlook Ahead” sign on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s a good one, isn’t it? You can see…

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rock music

“My mama loves me, she loves me,
She get down on her knees and hug me,
Oh, she loves me-like-a-rock …. “


(dear jeff ii)

dear jeff

Dear Jeff, The tops of your heads, three of them, were singularly familiar, arranged in a row in the theater. I’m guessing you were as surprised to see us as…

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I considered … what sort of picture would pair best with this post? A tongue sticking out? A withered facial expression? A diagram of the classic four food groups with…

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arms flung wide

I was in a public place with my sister.  No, not the one I’ve met only once, and not the self-righteous fundamentalist zealot who condemned me for harming The Kid…

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for all the years

On the fourteenth day of walking, I wrote this in my head.  Also, a gnat flew up my right nasal passage.  It was a low-carb gnat, so this wasn’t a…

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the really bad thing

Once, I did a Really Bad Thing. I can’t say out loud what it was.  It was that bad.  Some might disagree, but I think it was worse than attempting…

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